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Children are the hope of any nation. But how can the poor Filipino children live this promise if they don't even have food on a regular basis. There is where Blessings of Hope attempts to bridge this gap.

We envision that every poor Filipino child and youth will have a better life in the future than their present situation. It is our dream that they will reach their full potentials and become the persons that God had created them to be.


While working in collaboration with other organizations/endeavors, we aim to help empower poor Filipino families in order for them to uplift their current living condition that they may walk in the ultimate hope that they can have in Jesus.


In order to attain our goals, the following are our strategies:

1. Provide opportunities for better education and learning among poor

    Filipino children and youth.

2. Initiate activities that will contribute to the total development (physical,

     mental, social, emotional and spiritual) of these Filipino children and youth.

3. Assist the poor Filipino children and youth steer their lives to a

    better future.

4. Provide opportunities for adults in the family to become a better

    support system for these children and youth.

5. Work alongside and complement if ever there are existing children's

    programs in the target areas.

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