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Teacher emphasized that Jesus already took the punishment for all our sins by His dying on the cross, BUT WE SHOULD NOT LOOK FOR TROUBLE. Mike said, “Just stand up to a bully!”

According to the mother, Marlon (the one in blue shirt with face upfront), will say “Sorry Lord! My bad mouth, ” every time he utters a bad word.

Teacher warned her students not to throw their garbage anywhere. John (the one in white) said, "Ma'am it's okay to throw garbage anywhere here." He was just being hospitable since the class was held in their yard :)

Being a restless nephew, I warned him “ If you don’t heed to our warnings, you may be ‘dead’ like your Papa. “ I further asked where does one end up after death. (Just to scare him of the cemetery.) But his answer was---HEAVEN! So, I further asked who will be with us in heaven. “JESUS,” was his answer. He must have paid attention to my lesson, because he occasionally sneaks in to the graders’ section.

Juan said that he can’t be absent from our Saturday class because his mother doesn’t want him to.

This girl is interested to go to school but at 2.5 yrs. old, no school will accept her yet. So, she is our youngest student with complete school paraphernalia. One time, we skipped her during the book distribution from Samaritan's Purse. But she insisted, "Ma'am, give me one!"

The search is over....
Where's food?

Ready for the big feast, this boy had been wearing his bib since his arrival to the assembly that he needed his bib fixed during the actual eating...

Girl in pink shirt.

Mother said that her eldest daughter learns to lay her hands over her father while praying for him.

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