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All your donations will be used directly for our projects since the people who work for Blessings of Hope are all volunteers. We are self-supporting missionaries.

Donations will be issued with receipts which are tax deductible.

For overseas donors, send your tax-deductible donations by check, card or electronic fund transfer to:

The Navigators-Accounting Department

PO Box  6079 Albert Lea, MN 56007-6679

Account # 23823413


For Philippine Donors, send your donation to:

Navigator Ministries, Inc
SA# 3153 – 2344 – 76
BPI Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City

(Pls. indicate it is for Blessings of Hope)

PROJECTS (Donor's guide)

1. Supplemental Feeding with Bible Lessons ($3 per child/session)

2. Box of Blessings: Distribution of school supplies, food and other useful items ($30 per child)

3. Financial Assistance for School Children ($25 per child/month)

4. Camp with Mentoring and Tutorial Services ($30 per child/camp)

5. Assistance for Scholarship Applications in Colleges/Universities ($150/college entrant)

6. Study Now Pay Later Scholarship Plan ($2000 per college student/year)

7. Seminars and Training for Parents/Guardians ($6 per person)

8. Summer Classes with free-wheeling curriculum to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and artistic abilities among children

9. Other services available in the area

Note: Everybody will have the chance to hear the gospel of salvation.

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