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Rev. Tyler Van Horn of Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church of Yakima commissioned  the Johnsons to be missionaries to the Philippines through Blessings of Hope as Associate Staff of the Philippine Navigators.

In 2011, Lani came home from a ladies bible study with a look of sadness and eyes that appeared ready to overflow with tears.  It was not until later in the evening that Lani was able to share the reason for her sadness.  After bible study the ladies were discussing their life in general.  One lady told the group how she was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the ". . . accumulation of stuff, it is like it is taking over my life.  I want to start getting rid of things and simplify my life."  Lani asked me; "How can it be that some people have so much that they feel the need to get rid of it.  While at the same time people in the Philippines struggle just to put food on the table." That was the evening that God sowed the seeds that would eventually grow to become the Blessings of Hope ministry.  The dream became a reality in September 2013 when we were commissioned and sent forth with the blessings of Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church in Yakima, Washington.

- by Michael Johnson

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